Walking around in Murrells Inlet

In spite of the nice new bright yellow signs prominently attached to the Murrells Inlet Marshwalk signs there was a fender bender this morning on Business 17.  As I was enjoying my morning tea the loud crash certainly spelled trouble to me which got me thinking that even though efforts are underway to make the Murrells Inlet waterfront more pedestrian friendly, it clearly seems more needs to be done.

After spending last weekend on Bald Head Island with no cars in sight it wasn’t long before we realized that the absence of cars certainly makes for heavenly relaxation.  No doubt we are addicted to our cars but when you come to visit Murrells Inlet for lunch or dinner the best way to see our waterfront is on foot.

So maybe when the next great idea comes along for how to make the Murrells Inlet Marshwalk area safer for pedestrians perhaps the idea of parking the cars and enjoying the area by foot will come to mind.  It is after all the best way to enjoy the beauty of Murrells Inlet besides being in a boat that is.  Copyright©2011 Sandra Bundy, Broker-in-Charge, B&P, Inc.  Serving the Pee Dee and Grand Strand of South Carolina.