Sanctuary in Murrells Inlet

Pelicans in Murrells Inlet

Murrells Inlet has long been adored for it’s natural beauty and locals are now working to protect our jewel on the South Carolina coast by designating the Inlet as a bird sanctuary.  The idea is not new to the Inlet but with thousands of new residents calling Murrells Inlet home adding some protections make sense now more than ever.

Imagine finding dead birds floating in the marsh as you meander thru the creek which is exactly what has happened due to hunters missing their target of game birds which can be legally hunted in the creek.  With new homes surrounding the Inlet and the protected areas at Huntington Beach there is new enthusiasm to change state law.

Hearing shots fire out over the Inlet is unsettling when hunting season rolls around and the Inlet surrounded by homes isn’t the wild place of years gone by.  There are much better options when it comes to duck hunting nearby and the move to protect the estuary for the birds will ensure we take care of some of our most beautiful residents.

Sign the online petition and add your name to the growing list of groups and individuals supporting this effort.