National Occupy is a Great Idea but not the one you might think…….

I want to send a big THANK YOU to the “Occupy Your Homes Movement” for bringing to the National Spotlight the best idea I have heard in recent memory when it comes to dealing with the foreclosure “CRISIS” that is affecting our country.  If you are facing foreclosure don’t leave your home abandoned.  Stay there and care for it and protect it just as you did when you first purchased the property with intentions of raising your family and investing in your community and your future!

So now if you are wondering why I would encourage the bad behavior planned across the county by the “Occupy” set – I for one know that it is a good idea but ONLY if YOU own or rent the home.  Anything less is called trespass where I come from and will serve no beneficial purpose especially if the intent is to break & enter property because it is vacant.

Just sayin!

The bank doesn’t want to own your home even if you can’t afford to pay for it.  Take stock in what the occupy movement is suggesting and “Occupy” your home even if you can’t pay for it until the very last minute has passed.  After all, didn’t you plan on being there before you found yourself in financial hardship? Last time I checked a loan application has and always will require an applicant to sign on the dotted line.

Foreclosure is not the only option. If you or someone you know needs help avoiding foreclosure seek help from your lender. There are resources available if you only take the time to look. Anything less speaks volumes of your intentions in the first place.

Yes I feel your pain as I helped my mother avoid foreclosure in 1989.  No bailout back then only the stark reality “If you can’t pay” “You can’t stay”.  Thankfully my mother didn’t have to leave her home but it was only because we took the time to communicate with the lender.

Handing over a check to catch up payments in arrears is no different then lenders want today and rightly so after all it is about making promises.  Your promise to pay and the lenders promise to loan you the money up front to get exactly what you wanted in the home you were able to purchase.

So I agree with the “Occupy Your Homes” initiative.  Take care of it until you no longer own it and if you need help avoiding foreclosure remember help is available to you.  The process is no different than when you first bought your home – “Call Your Lender” and see what options they have to help you and work with them while taking care of your home!

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If you or someone you know is having trouble making their mortgage payments foreclosure is not the only option.