Growing Pains in Murrells Inlet

New Utility Poles in Murrells Inlet

Having been a creek rat at a very early age my love of Murrells Inlet runs deep and lately watching the huge power lines go up in the heart of the Inlet makes me realize all that comes with living in an area so rich in beauty and charm.  When I was growing up there weren’t that many people around and even with the growth I never would have imagined the towering polls that have intruded into our Murrells Inlet neighborhoods.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against having electricity nor am I against growth as with it comes many opportunities & conveniences we didn’t use to have in Murrells Inlet.  Being in real estate I have to say the new additions have certainly taken with them something special that used to exist in the small neighborhoods in the heart of Murrells Inlet.   Not to mention that the loss in real estate value both of neighboring Murrells Inlet property owners but also in the esthetic value that we will never have again.

Last week we lost a 200 year old live oak and this week we lost much more that maybe nobody may have noticed.  We can live without a tree but apparently we can’t live without electricity another part of the growing pains in Murrells Inlet.

SC Utility Receipt Circa 1937

  • Michael Clayton

    It is a very sad thing, I happen to own the property that the above photo was taken from. The tower in the above photo towers over 90 feet in the air and is with out a doubt an eye sore. I understand the power company has there easments and can do as they please. But we were informened that it would be just one pole and on friday the 11th I came home to this.
    As we all know the real estate market has tanked and we all have suffered from it, but we do not need anymore help from our wonderful power supplier (Santee Cooper) to lower these values anymore.
    How much outside help do we need to push these values lower I don’t know.
    I do know this I can give direction to my house by saying just look for those towers and you found it.
    Thanks Santee Cooper…
    M. E. Clayton

    • Anonymous

      Heartbreaking is more like it Michael. Hammock was one of my favorite streets for morning walks. Progress is painful and the power company gets to do as they please. If you ask me the expansion of the power grid all the way up into Myrtle Beach has created one big eyesore. I have traveled to many places and never seen anything like it.

      Can’t imagine what it will look like when they do the lines down south on Hwy 17 crossing the North & South Santee rivers. More sadness to come for sure.