Determining the Value of Your Murrells Inlet Home

As a REALTOR® that frequently provides Broker Price Opinions on area real estate I have plenty of practice when it comes to helping Murrells Inlet home buyers and sellers determining the present value of their home.  No I am not an appraiser but what I can do is provide a home market analysis based on sales activity in particular homes neighborhood to arrive at a fair market price.

A home market analysis is an important tool in helping both home buyers and sellers and should be used to help sellers when listing their Murrells Inlet home or buyers wishing to purchase a Murrells Inlet home.  Home sellers needing to sell in todays market must take market facts into consideration as with over 500 single family homes listed in Murrells Inlet at this time overpricing could greatly extend marketing time.

When I work as a buyers agent it is especially important for me to show them property that is in their price range but I can also point out others that are overpriced and help them make the best offer possible on the home they wish to purchase by using recent Murrells Inlet home sales of similar properties.  Please contact us for assistance with determining the value of your Murrells Inlet home or to work for you when you purchase your home in Murrells Inlet. Copyright©2011 Sandra Bundy, Broker-in-Charge, B&P, Inc.  Serving the Pee Dee and Grand Strand of South Carolina.

Finding your home in Murrells Inlet

Searching for homes to purchase in Murrells Inlet or anywhere else for that matter more often than not begins with looking at real estate search sites like, Zillow or Trulia or heading straight to Google to find the perfect dream home. These search sites have millions of searches on any given day and while they do serve as a valuable tool for home buyers in comparing homes and neighborhoods, hiring a buyers agent to work for you can prove to be a wise move especially if you are relocating to this area of the South Carolina coast.

As your Murrells Inlet buyers agent we can help you narrow down choices too since we are your local neighborhood expert and know where and what you can get for the money you want to spend on your home purchase. While looking online prior to making contact with an agent is always a good idea make sure you are aware of the benefits of contacting an agent to work for you in your Murrells Inlet home purchase. The listing agent works for the seller and as a buyer of real estate in South Carolina you are entitled to and should have an agent work for you and protect your interest in a real estate transaction.

Finding your home in Murrells Inlet is what we do for our clients and the next time you think about buying your Murrells Inlet home let us know how we can help make that home dream come true. Copyright©2011 Sandra Bundy, Broker-in-Charge, B&P, Inc. Serving the Pee Dee and Grand Strand of South Carolina.

SC Agency Disclosure – Understanding buying a home in Murrells Inlet

SC Agency Discloure 

Choices are everywhere when it comes to buying a home in Murrells Inlet and in todays real estate market home buyers need to understand what those choices mean before they make an offer on a property.