Beware of Craigs List Rental Ads

I recieved and email today from a fellow REALTORĀ® that has a home listed for sale that had been offered as a rental on Craigs List. The kind folks that posted the ad were off doing missionary work in West Africa and would be generous enough to let the potential tenants stay until they returned from their mission work if they were ‘good’ tenants. This is just one of the ploys used everyday across the globe by scam artists trying to get into unsuspecting pockets to seperate people from their money and another reason why you should use extreme caution when dealing with rentals and sales on Craigs List.

Don’t get me wrong about Craigs List as it does provide a valuable service however when it comes to real estate listed for rent or for sale you need to be sure you can verify the source. Do a google search of the property and see if it is for sale or better yet, if you are looking to rent or buy property, or have questions about either consult a REALTORĀ® for help.