3 Rules for Buying Your First Home

Today as I read about the IDX debate it occured to me that much confusion exists when it comes to buying a home and using the services of real estate professionals.  Since most buyers search the internet before ever contacting a real estate agent when they finally do take the first steps toward homeownership some remain clueless as to who will represent them and how agents are paid.  No wonder mystery remains when home searches are easy to do online and the rules for buying a home are not clearly defined by home search sites but by knowing your family needs doing research, and finding a trusted advisor the process is fairly straightforward.

Your Needs List – When it comes down to your first home it is all about you and your needs.  Wants are great if you can afford them but at the end of the day what you need should be given top consideration.  Your list should start with the most basic and you can expand from there and once you define what the space needs are and the type of property you wish to purchase other options will come to light.

Research – Moving to a new neighborhood or buying in one you know still requires research on your part when you are buying your first home.  Does the neighborhood have an easy commute to your job or would you rather move further from work?  Do you want to be close to restuarants and parks or are you looking for a quiet area off the beaten path?  Are schools, parks and recreation on your list?  The internet provides vast resources for researching your new neighborhood and who you will hire to help you find your first home.

Finding a Trusted Advisor – In South Carolina home buyers have choices when it comes to hiring a real estate professional to work for them on a home purchase.  SC Agency disclosure is required at first substantial contact and should be provided to you by any agent you contact for help with a home puchase along with providing you an explaination of agency relationships provided by the company.  Buyers can be customers or clients and hiring an agent to work for you in purchasing your first home should be given strong consideration.  In short the listing agent works for the seller and as a buyer of real estate in SC you can hire a buyers agent to work for you to protect your interests.

Buying your first home is an important purchase and there are many things that you should consider when you contact a real estate company for help.  Most important is making sure you get the help you need and go into the process knowing what you can expect when you look for a trusted advisor to help you find your first home.   You can become a client or remain a customer of the real estate company of your choice and by doing a little research buying your first home might be easier than you think.